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Our Team

Naomi Janzen

Executive Producer

Naomi Janzen is a writer-producer with over 30 years’ experience in television drama development and production.

She is the former president of the

Writers Guild and is now a native

of Sydney Australia. As a show-runner, Naomi has written and produced for numerous hit US network &  syndicated television series, her credits are extensive and include “The Highlander

TV Series”, "La Femme Nikita”,

“7th Heaven”, "Relic Hunter”, “The Famous Jet Jackson”, "The Crow TV Series", "Forever Knight", "The Hitcher", “Gene Rodenberry’s: Andromeda” and “Resistance”.

Andrew Dillon

Production Executive

Andrew is an Indigenous Writer, Director, Producer with extensive experience in production, distribution and marketing, his credits include ‘Home & Away’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Heartbreak High’. In 2014, Andrew joined the Federal Government’s key

screen agency Screen Australia as a Development & Production Executive, overseeing a diverse slate of award-winning drama, VR, online-content, documentaries and feature films, including ‘SPEAR’, 'The Warriors’, ‘Alien: Covenant’, ‘Grace Beside Me’,'Guardians of the Tomb', 'Bluey', 'Danger Close' and ‘Sweet Country’.

Jon Bell


Indigenous Filmmaker Jon Bell is best known as the writer-creator of the ABC drama series ‘The Gods of Wheat Street’ and is considered as one of Australia’s most experienced and sought after Indigenous writers. Jon was the senior writer on the hit series ‘Black Comedy’, which pulled in over 35 Million views across YouTube and ABC i-View. His

list of credits includes the award-winning

series “Redfern Now”, the Emmy Award winning “Ready for This”, “The Warriors”, the critically acclaimed Indigenous AMC TV Series “Cleverman”, and the television mini-series “Mystery Road”.

Gary Kurtz

Consulting Producer

Gary Kurtz is a two-time Academy

Award Nominee. To Star Wars fans

he’s a household name, having

produced some of the best loved

and highest grossing films of all time.

Based in London, Gary develops

That's-A-Wrap's international slate of children’s and genre-based properties. Gary’s list of credits, is testament for

his ability to deliver stories for mass audiences, his list of credits include

‘Star Wars’, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, ‘American Graffiti’, ‘The Dark Crystal’, '5-25-77', ‘Slipstream’, ‘Raiders of Lost Ark’ and ‘Resistance’.

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